Call for Grants in the Lisbon Doctoral School on Earth System Science

The University of Lisbon/FCUL PhD program, supported by IDL (Instituto Dom Luiz), Mare, and IPMA (Portuguese Institute for the Ocean and Atmosphere), announces call for grants in the Lisbon Doctoral School on Earth System Science.

The EARTHSYSTEMS FCT-Doctoral Program –  The EARTHSYSTEMS program gathers a multidisciplinary group of geophysicists, meteorologists, oceanographers, geodesists, geologists, geochemists, biologists and statisticians. Based at the University of Lisbon (UL) and at the Portuguese Institute for the Atmosphere and Ocean (IPMA), this group holds a common interest in Earth processes: their control of Climate in different time scales; their influence on natural resources distribution and characteristics; their effect on major natural hazards; and their impact on sustainable development.

PhD Fellowship – 8 PhD students Fellowship(s) for is open at the EARTHSYSTEMS FCT – Doctoral Program – PD/143/2012 , financed by National Funds (Orçamento de Estado do Ministério da Educação e Ciência) and when eligible, from European Social Fund funds through the Operational Programs for the 2014-2020 programming period of Portugal 2020, namely the Thematic Operational Program of Human Capital, the Northern Regional Operational Program, in accordance with the provisions of the Specific Regulation applicable under the conditions listed at the document CALL FOR 8 GRANTS IN THE LISBON DOCTORAL SCHOOL ON EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE EARTHSYSTEMS 2018 (click here to download the pdf file).

If you believe you want to pursue a research career in Earth System Science at the University of Lisbon, check our research topics at, and send your CV, a motivation letter, and at least two supporting references, to from December, 4th 2017 to January,  5th 2018.