November 21st, 2017

C4G Council

President for the Coordinating Council and Executive Council
– Rui Fernandes

Executive Board
– Mário Gonçalves (vice-president)
– Rita Caldeira
– Paul Crocker
– Susana Custódio
– António Fiúza
– Fernando Rocha
– Pedro Terrinha
– Machiel Bos (as proxy of the president)

Coordination Board
– Fernando Rocha (UA)
– Helena Ribeiro (DGT)
– António Fiúza (FEUP)
– José Soeiro Carvalho (as a proxy of António Fiúza)
– Teresa Monteiro Seixas (FCUP)
– Luis Matias (FCUL)
– Mário Gonçalves (as a proxy of Luis Matias)
– Rita Caldeira (LNEG)
– Mário Moreira (ISEL)
– Gonçalo Vieira (IGOT)
– Artur Rocha (INESC-TEC)
– Fernando Carrilho (IPMA)
– Pedro Terrinha (as a proxy of Fernando Carrilho)
– Maria João Pereira (IST)
– Rui Fernandes (UBI)
– Machiel Bos (as a proxy of Rui Fernandes)
– Fernando Lopes (UC)
– Mourad Bezzeghoud (UE)
– José Fernando Borges (as a proxy of Mourad Bezzeghoud)

“Collaboratory: an organizational entity that spans distance, supports rich and recurring human interaction oriented to a common research area (…), and provides access to data sources, artifacts, and tools required to accomplish research tasks” (Bos, 2007).