Service Name: C4G-Hub

Brief Description: Portal ( to access information about available services to stakeholders and to find data and products. The C4G-Hub also includes an intranet reserved for partners where all C4G documentation is accessible.

Partner: UBI

Service Name: C4G Academy

Brief Description: eLearning and in-house training for graduate students and professionals in the public and private sectors

Partner: All Partners

Service Name: Data Curation

Brief Description: Long-time preservation of historical and new data: – Digital data and its metadata is stored (to make available when requested) in dedicated servers with backup; – Collection of maps and rock samples is stored and made available through online catalogues. – Long-time preservation of seismic raw.


Service Name: Dissemination of Geodetic Data

Brief Description: Brief Description Management and dissemination of data and products: – National Repository of GNSS Data – EPOS node (; – EPOS-GNSS Products European Portal (; – DGT Data Portal (

Partner: UBI, DGT

Service Name: Access to seismic data archive

Brief Description: Access to the seismic database (raw-data) and associated metadata, acquired by the permanent seismic stations that operate in Portugal: linked to ORFEUS

Partner: IPMA

Service Name: Drill core Library

Brief Description: Access to drill cores for examination and sampling.

Partner: LNEG

Service Name: Tsunami warning system

Brief Description: The first information from an earthquake generated tsunamigenic source is given by the seismic waves. These are analyzed and the 1st message is issued after a few minutes from the event onset. The tsunami warning level is updated after information is collected from coastal tide gauges.

Partner: IPMA, DGT

Service Name: Assessment of soil contamination

Brief Description: Geochemical, mineralogical, morphological and size characterization of superficial and underground soils. Radiological characterization and radionuclide discrimination by gamma spectrometry. Geospatial modelling. Risk assessment.

Partner: UA, UC, UBI, IST, FEUP

Service Name: Assessment of waters (superficial and underground) and stream sediments contamination

Brief Description: Geochemical, mineralogical, morphological and size characterization of stream sediments. Hydrogeochemical assessment of water stream waters. Radon quantification in waters. Geospatial modelling. Risk assessment.

Partner: UA, UC, UBI, IST, FEUP

Service Name: Field Geodetic Campaigns

Brief Description: Direct support to GNSS and Gravimetric campaigns using pools of equipment acquired by C4G (GNSS) and available at several institutions (Gravimeters).


Service Name: Marine magnetic surveys

Brief Description: Acquisition and processing of magnetic data on the oceans and interpretation of the derived products.

Partner: IPMA

Service Name: Acquisition, processing & interpretation of seismic data

Brief Description: Seismic methods allow to obtain structural and property information for the subsoil with high resolution. The equipment available allows to reach investigation depths of 500 m with a resolution of about 2 to 5 m (P-wave) or a resolution about 0.4 m at a depth of 30 m (S-wave)


Service Name: Acquisition, processing & interpretation of magnetic, electric and electro-magnetic data

Brief Description: These methods allow to infer underground properties in a fast economic and expedite procedure, also supplying structural information in environmental, archaeological and hydrogeological studies, etc. GPR in particular, provides high-resolution data (few cm).

Partner: LNEG, IST, UE

Service Name: mapRS

Brief Description: Mapping for geo-resource management, environment and geohazards emergency situations derived from multi-source remote sensing data. Either with standard algorithms or conceptualized for specific requests.

Partner: IST, IGOT, LNEG

Service Name: droneMAP

Brief Description: Data acquisition using drones and processing for thematic characterization, monitoring purposes and validation upon request.

Partner: IST, IGOT, UBI

Service Name: Absolute determination of magnetic declination at airports and aerodromes

Brief Description: The absolute determination of magnetic declination at airports and aerodromes (using DI-Flux magnetic theodolites) is an essential and a legal requirement for operability and safety of aviation services.

Partner: IPMA

Service Name: Survey for submarine resources

Brief Description: Identification of potential areas for submarine georesources exploration.

Partner: IPMA

Service Name: Monitoring of Radon emission on soils and rocks for environmental control

Brief Description: Environmental control of Radon emissions and verification of compliance with new legislation on this issue.

Partner: UBI, UC

Service Name: Assessment of indoor and outdoor air contamination

Brief Description: Indoor and outdoor dust particles geochemical, mineralogical, morphological and size characterization. Geospatial modelling. Risk assessment.

Partner: UA, UC, UBI, FEUP

Service Name: Assessment of the susceptibility of slope instability

Brief Description: Landslides can cause significant damage and disruption. Factors to evaluate landslide susceptibility: Elevation, Slope, Topographic Position Index), Lithology, Soil Type, Ecological Units and Available Water. The service is provided at the national, regional and local scales.

Partner: IGOT

Service Name: GeoSpatial Data Modelling

Brief Description: Description and characterization of natural phenomena by modelling spatially correlated data through the application of geostatistical and machine learning tools.

Partner: IST, IGOT

Service Name: Flow modelling in porous and fractured media

Brief Description: Modelling and characterization of fluids dynamics (oil-water-gas) in complex geological formations considering both porous and fractured media. Optimization of key geological and engineering parameters. Application for groundwater and hydrocarbon accumulations and geological CO2 storage.

Partner: IST

Service Name: Catalogue of potentially dangerous asteroids already identified and tracked

Brief Description: Catalogue of already identified and tracked asteroids whose orbits are at risk of collision with Earth

Partner: FCUP

Service Name: Solar activity

Brief Description: Monitoring of Solar activity.

Partner: UC, FCUP

Service Name: Determination of rock deformability and index properties

Brief Description: Determination of Young modulus static, Young modulus dynamic and Poisson ratio. Determination of swelling and Slake durability; hardness determination by Schmidt hammer.

Partner: IST, ISEL

Service Name: Dissemination of permafrost temperature data and ground deformation in Antarctica

Brief Description: Update of the PERMANTAR database of hourly ground temperatures from the Western Antarctic Peninsula observatories, and annual ground deformation data from stakes inserted in the ground at Hurd Peninsula (Livingston Island).

Partner: IGOT

Service Name: Environmental Consulting in Polar and mountainous regions

Brief Description: Highly relevant expert advice on environmental issues in extreme environments, including logistics, EIA, policy, mapping and pure research advice and support

Partner: IGOT, IST, UBI

Service Name: Mineral, geochemical and isotopic characterization of geological materials

Brief Description: Mineral identification and semi quantitative analyses (X-ray diffraction). Mineral chemistry (electron microprobe). Total rock analyses (major and trace element composition obtained by X-ray fluorescence and inductively coupled plasma MS); and their isotopic characterization (Thermal ionization MS)


Service Name: Monitoring of geomagnetic activity in mainland Portugal

Brief Description: Monitoring of geomagnetic activity is based on continuous recordings obtained with the variometer (FGE, ver. J) of the Coimbra observatory, allowing the calculation of geomagnetic activity indices (K indices) and the characterization and study of magnetic storms, with applications in space weather.

Partner: UC

Service Name: Life Cycle Analysis of Mineral resources

Brief Description: Defining phases and frontiers: extraction, processing, storage and treatment of tailings, energy inventory and fugitive emissions. Quantify the potential for global warming, abiotic depletion, acidification, eutrophication, human toxicity, photo-chemical, aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicities.

Partner: FEUP

Service Name: Service Name Technical Studies on the Extractability of Mineral Deposits

Brief Description: Brief Description Partial studies in the field of ore extraction.  Examples: Estimation of exploitable resources, simulation of sequences of extraction, definition and articulation between unit operations, optimisation of a blasting diagram, definition of ore typologies considering its processing.

In which node(s)/ institutions(s) is it available

Partner: FEUP, IST

Service Name: Physical, Chemical and Environmental Characterization of ores

Brief Description: Standardized tests concerning the physical ch. (grain size distributions, densities, grindability, aptitude for flotation,…), chemical characterization (composition, pH and Eh) and environmental characterization (potential of acid generation, natural leaching, natural biological activity, …)

Partner: FEUP, IST, UA

Service Name: Unit Operations in Ore Physical, Chemical and Biological Ore Processing

Brief Description: Batch tests of unit operations. Physical Processing (Fragmentation, Grinding, Classification, Gravitic, Magnetic and Flotation Concentrations). Chemical Processing (All types of leaching, ion exchange, solvent extraction). Biochemical processing: (bio-leaching in bioreactors).

Partner: FEUP, IST

Service Name: Geo-environment assessment

Brief Description: Integrated studies on geo-environment and circular economy for the reduction, reuse, recovery and recycling of materials and energy

Partner: FEUP, IST

Service Name: Consultancy on Solid Earth

Brief Description: Scientific and technical consultancy on Solid Earth for academic, and public and private institutions at national and international level

Partner: All Partners

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