The C4G community offers several training activities in its various geoscientific topics, being in-house, e-learning or in the field.

Coordination: Fernando Carlos Lopes, UC

  • Training
    • Geodesy [+]
    • Geology [+]
    • Geophysics: Seismology [+] Applied Geophysics [+]
    • Geomathematics, modeling and computation [+]
    • Marine Geology [+]
    • Geoenvironment [+]
    • Georesources [+]
    • Risks: Natural [+] & Cosmic Risks [+]
  • Materials [+]

. Geodesy

. Field training in GNSS equipment (to be available)

. Geology

. Petrographical and microspectroscopic characterization of geological materials


. Seismology

. Short-medium term stays (for professionals): operation and management of seismic networks
. Short term stays (for professionals): processing and seismic analysis
. Short term stays (for students): seismic networks


. Applied Geophysics

. Training in acquistion and processing of data on seismic reflection and refraction
. Formation on well logging
. Formation in inverse geophysical technics
. Formation in stochastic inverse seismicity
. Numerical modeling of crustal deformation for studies on seismic sources
. Inversion of the waveform to study seismic sources
. Modeling the crust structure with seismic noise and magnetometry
. Registration, processing and interpretation of geophysical data in archeological context and on the environment


. Geomathematics, modeling and computation

. Statistical learning course
. Risk modeling course applied to earth and environmental sciences


. Marine Geology

. Tailored theoretical and/or practical courses (in the sea, e-learning or in-house) in the 3 higher cycles in marine curricular areas
. Advanced formation on interpretation of geophysical data (in-house and/or e-learning)


. Geoenvironment

. Course on modeling of geochemical processes
. Course in Remote Sensing applied to Geoenvironment
. Workshop on environmental impacts associated with the extractive industry
. Workshop on Medical Geology
. Course on Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14001 (2015)
. Workshop on Isotopic Hydrology in the sustainable management of water resources

. Georesources

. Training in proceedings on the use of specific equipment used in georesources
. Training in normalized protocols in the characterization of georesources
. Training on operational units of mining extraction, processing of ores, storage of rejected materials


. Natural Risks

. Workshops on the risk of mass movement and its mapping
. E.learning training for potential users of OpenQuake
. Technical and scientific e-learning on coastal risks, susceptibilities and mapping
. Tsunami Risk workshop
. Training on good practices and long term risks due to radon exposition

. Cosmic Risks

. Training on Modeling of Reflectance Spectra of Meteorites and Asteroids


+ Materials

. Images related to Earth Sciences (GEOIMAGENS)
. Geology lexicon (GEOLEX)
. Hydrogeology lexicon (HIDROLEX)
. Palynology Glossary (PALINOGLOSS)