. Geodetic and Gravimetric Networks and Data

Coordination: Helena Ribeiro, DGT

. Data, data derived Products, in-house built Software, Services [+]
. access to Equipment [+]
. Training actions [+]

+ Data (D), Products (P), Software (Sf) and Services (S):

D. GNSS data from ReNEP, the portuguese Network of Permanent GNSS Stations [here]
D. Portal Nacional GNSS-EPOS [here]
D. Acoustic tide gauges – Sea level data [here]

P. Geoid model to convert elipsoidal height to ortometric height [here]
P. Geodesy data portal – visualization [here]
P. EPOS-GNSS products portal [here]
P. Ocean Loading Corrections [here]

Sf. GLASS (Software for GNSS Network Management) [here]
Sf. Hector (Software for Time-Series Analysis) [here]

S. Field Geodetic Campaigns
S. Field Gravimetric Campaigns
S. Geodetic Equipment Installation

+ Equipment:
  • GNSS and related equipment:
    • Mobile GNSS stations Topcon
    • Antennas (VP geodetic) and receivers
    • Cables and connectors
    • Antenna mounts (tripods)
  • GPS and related equipment:
    • GPS Stonex S900A and GPS sticks
    • GPS Leica, GS09 and GS15
    • GPS Trimble, R4, Nomad and GeoExplorer 6000 Series GeoXR
    • GPS total stations
    • Differential GPS Vbox + Base Station Racelogic
  • Analog gravimeter
  • External radio
  • Caderneta S4HII and controller stands
  • Nedo wood tripods
  • Survey GS bipods

Check more EQUIPMENT available via C4G, here.

+ Training:
  • Field training in GNSS equipment (to be available)

Check more TRAINING available via C4G, here.