Coordination: Rita Caldeira, LNEG
Co-Coord.: Alexandra Guedes, FCUP

. Data, data derived Products, in-house built Software, Services [+]
. access to Equipment [+]
. Training actions [+]

+ Data (D), Products (P), Software (Sf) and Services (S):
  • Drill Cores (non-confidential)
    • Data and database [here]
    • Physical access for examination and sampling
  • Databases
    • Portuguese hydrogeologic resources [here] and thermal occurences [here]
    • Fluid inclusions
    • Non-published technical documentation [here]
  • Geoportal: metadata research (ISSO 19139); databases online; map visualization and downloads [here]
  • Geological Maps
    • Download of geological maps of Portugal at 1:50 k [here]
    • Geological maps of Portugal at various scales [1:50 k, 1:200 k and 1:500 k]
    • Coastal perigosity, 1:3 k [here]
    • Lisbon municipality at 1:10 000 [here]
    • Iberian Peninsula at 1:1 000 000 [here]
    • Guinea-Bissau Republic at 1:400 000 [here]
    • Clay resources in the portuguese western rim and interior basins
  • Catalogues and Collections
    • Catalogue of the portuguese ornamental rocks [here]
    • Catalogue of the recognized and potential geothermal resources in continental Portugal [here]
    • Collections of the geological museum [here]
    • Stratigraphic and paleontological collections
    • Thematic collections of portuguese mines and CPLP countries
    • Mineralogy, crystallography and petrology collections
    • Geological maps collection
    • Geological photographs collection
  • Inventories
    • Slope instability
    • Sites with geologic interest – Geossites [here]
  • Didactic Materials
    • Images related to Earth Sciences (Geoimagens) [here]
    • Geology lexicon (Geolex) [here]
    • Hydrogeology lexicon (Hidrolex) [here]
    • Palynology Glossary (Palinogloss) [here]

S. Geological mapping (tailor-made)
S. Drilling and well measurements services
S. Preparation of rock powder, thin sections and polished surfaces
S. Preparation of core samples for mechanical and physical experiments
S. Granulometric analysis
S. Sample preparation
S. Mineral separation
S. Mineralogical, petrographic and textural analysis
S. Petrographic and microspectroscopic characterization of geological materials
S. Water analysis and hydrogeological services (incl. flow tests, tracer tests, wells construction)
S. Radon measurement in air and water
S. Coastal geology services
S. Morphodynamic monitoring of fluvial coastal systems

+ Equipment:
  • Rock sample preparation (spraying and thin blades)
    • Hydraulic press, isogranulator, tungsten carbide jaw mill, agate ring mill, tungsten ring mill, planetary agate jaw mill, diamand saws and precision diamond saws, precision micrometric and surface polishing cutting and wear equipment, Mettler high precision digital scales, bore and rock core cutting machine, sample drying oven
  • Mineral Separation
    • Electromagnetic separator, and by heavy liquids
  • Petrographic image visualization, recording and analysis systems
    • Leica M 205C binocular microscope, Leica DM 2500P microscope, Nikon LV-100 microscope with NIS-A granulometric module, Leica DM 4000M reflectance light microscope with image analysis; Leitz Ortolux II POL-BK microscope, Leica MC170 HD Digital Camera and LG 24MP59-P + ADP USB Monitor
  • Characterization of Geological Materials
    • Microtermometry: Linkam heating-freezing microthermometric stage and Chaimexca freezing stages
    • Spectrometry: Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRaman spectrometer equipped with a 632.8 nm laser, Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRAM Microscope XploRATM equipped with a 532 nm laser, Radionuclide identifier with germanium detector
    • Magnetic susceptibility: Agico Kappabridge KLY-4S meter
    • Cathodoluminescence: Lumic HC3-LM
  • Granulometric Analysis
    • Granulometry microanalyser Sedigraph, Laser diffraction particle analyzer Malver Mastersizer 2000
  • Radon
    • Detector HPGe Model GC 2518 – Camberra, NanoReader Model v1.0 – Radosys, NanoBath Model v1.0 – Radosys, Electronic Radon Instrumentation Model RAD7 – Durrige, Continuous Radon Monitor Model 1029 – Sun Nuclear, Electronic Radon Detector Monitor 2.2 – Ramon, Handheld Digital Radiation Detector Inpector EXP – SE International, Scintillation detectors Model 732-1 – LUDLUM, 1 RD-200 and RDU-200 radon detector devices EDA Instruments Inc.
  • Sedimentology
    • Hottes, Drying and warming cabinet, Laboratory stirrers, Ultrasonic Baths
  • Coastal Geology
    • Vibrocorer, GPS Trimble Nomad, Spectrophotometer CM700d
  • Hydrogeology
    • Titrator Mettler G20, Hanna multiparametric probes with GPS, water level sensors, Grunfos submersible pumps, Eijkelkamp peristaltic pumps, EM portable ultrasonic flowmeter, GGUN-FL24 field fluorometer, Starflow Doppler flow meter, water level meters (50 m and 300 m) and hydrometric current universal SEBA Hydrometrie

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+ Training:

. Petrographical and microspectroscopic characterization of geological materials

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