• WG7. Geological Data and Laboratories

Coordination: Rita Caldeira, LNEG
Co-Coord.: Alexandra Guedes, FCUP

Working group that includes laboratories for the characterization of geological materials; includes repositories of geological data from various institutions, accessed online and/or in house; integrate services in the field of geology to external entities and contribute to services to be developed within the scope of the C4G’s lines of action.

Aims to keep the list of laboratories and equipment, services and products updated, and, together with other WGs, to support the lines of action on georresources and the mitigation of natural risks for the development of new products and services.


Geological data and products are delivered in-house and online.

  • Drill Cores
    In-house access to approximately 700,000 meters of drill cores from surveys carried out in geological resources exploration and research campaigns. Includes access to physical samples for examination and sampling. Access to the drill hole database.
  • Geoportal
    Online access to geological databases, catalogues, metadata search (ISO 19139), map visualization, download of geological maps, lexicons and other didatic materials [here]
. Download of geological maps of Portugal at 1:50 k (raster) [here]
. Portugal at various scales (1:50 k, 1:200 k and 1:500 k) [here]
. Iberian Peninsula at 1:1 M [here]
. Guinea-Bissau Republic at 1:400 k [here]
. Geological and coastal hazard mapping, 1:3 k [here]
. Hydrogeological resources [here]
. Thermal occurences [here]
. Drill Cores [here]
. Non-published technical docs [here]
. Colections of the geologic museum [here]
. Geothermal resources [here]
. Ornamental rocks of Portugal [here]
. Sites with geologic interest [here]
. Mineral Raw Materials Information System for Use in the Ceramic Industry [here]
  • Geological Collections
    In-house access to various collections and libraries.
. Stratigraphic and paleontological collections (+)
The oldest items come from geological commissions and foreign acquisitions. Most of the collection was made in the first half of the 20th century.

. Thematic collections of Portuguese mines and CPLP countries (+)
Includes the collection of Diamang and the Mendelson expedition in Africa.

. Mineralogy, crystallography and petrology collections (+)
Mainly housed at the Alfredo Bensaúde Museum, it also includes scientific instrumentation and didactic models for teaching crystallography and crystallography.

. Geological photographs collection (+)
Historical photographs mainly from technical works carried out by former IST professors, during the first half of the 20th century.

. Geological maps collection (+)
Collection originated at the Industrial Institute of Lisbon until today, with very diverse cartography, especially from Portugal and Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP).

. Personal assets (+)
Personal assets of high interest donated by former IST professors (eg Alfredo Bensaúde, Ernest Fleury, Décio Thadeu), with technical information, some unpublished about Mines or Applied Geology.

. Portuguese dams (+)
Photographic collection on Portuguese dams built in the 20th century. Technical views on the execution of the works (former Hydrographic Institutes and Water Institute).

. Geoscience Library (+)
In person and virtual access to the LNEG’s documental databases in the area of geosciences.
  • Fluid inclusions database
    An in-house database applied to the genesis of mineral ore bodies. It contains the geographic location of samples collected; geological and mineralogical characterization; fluid inclusions characterization; interpretation: composition, temperature and pressure of the mineralizing event.
    (available soon)




  • Sample preparation
    Execution of thin sections, polished thin sections and bi-polished thin sections and production of rock powders for chemical analysis.
  • Mineral separation
  • Granulometric analysis
  • Preparation of core samples
    For mechanical and physical experiments
  • Mineralogical, petrographic and textural analysis
  • Water analysis
    Determination of pH, temperature, electrical conductivity, redox potential (by electric probes); Alkalinity (by titration); Dry residue and total suspended soils (by gravimetry); Fluoride, chloride, bromide, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and sulphate (by IC).
  • Radon determination in air and water
    Determination of the exposition to radon present in water and air


  • Drilling and well measurements
    Provision of drilling equipment and technical knowledge  to conduct geological and mining drilling in the extractive sector.
  • Digital geological mapping at 1:25 000
  • Geological mapping (tailor-made)
    Tailor-made geological surveys and mapping at various scales.
  • Morphodynamic monitoring of fluvial coastal systems
  • Coastal geology services
    Characterization of geology, geomorphology and forcing processes in coastal areas; granulometric characterization of coastal sediments; determination of historic shoreline positions; digitization and georeferencing of aerial photographs of the coastal zone;
    Morphological characterization and monitoring of changes in coastal areas using differential GPS and fixed wing drone, with RTK: Creation of digital terrain models, with high resolution, characterization of dune environments, their morphology and coastal hazard assessment, and quantification of changes in the coastal zone: Erosion and accretion.
  • Hydrogeological services
    It includes flow and tracer tests, assessment of water quality, delineation of protection areas to aquifer recharge and public supply and evaluation of quantitative/qualitative resources, aquifer testing and modeling, hydromineral and geothermal resources.



  • Petrographical and microspectroscopic characterization of geological materials
    Includes training on available equipment, software and data interpretation.

Check more TRAINING available via C4G.



  • Rock sample preparation

– Hydraulic press
– Isogranulator
– Mills: tungsten carbide jaw mill, agate ring mill, tungsten ring mill, planetary agate jaw mill;
– Saws and cutting equipment: diamand saws and precision diamond saws, precision micrometric and surface polishing cutting and wear equipment, bore and rock core cutting machine;
– Mettler high precision digital scales;
– Sample drying oven.

  • Mineral separation

– Electromagnetic separators;

  • Characterization of geological materials

– Microthermometry: Linkam heating-freezing microthermometric stage and Chaimexca freezing stages for fluid inclusion studies;
– Spectrometry: LabRaman spectrometer equipped with a 632.8 nm laser, LabRAM Microscope XploRATM equipped with a 532 nm laser, Radionuclide identifier with germanium detector;
– Cathodoluminescence Lumic

  • Petrographic image visualization, recording and analysis systems

– Leica binocular microscope;
– Leica microscope;
– Nikon microscope with NIS-A granulometric module;
– Leica reflectance light microscope with image analysis;
– Leitz Ortolux II microscope;
– Leica HD Digital Camera and LG Monitor.

  • Granulometric analysis

– Granulometry microanalyser Sedigraph;
– Laser diffraction particle analyzer Malver Mastersizer 2000.

  • Radon analysis

– Detector HPGe Model GC 2518 – Camberra;
– NanoReader Model v1.0 – Radosys;
– NanoBath Model v1.0 – Radosys;
– Electronic Radon Instrumentation Model RAD7 – Durrige;
– Continuous Radon Monitor Model 1029 – Sun Nuclear
– Electronic Radon Detector Monitor 2.2 – Ramon
– Handheld Digital Radiation Detector Inpector EXP – SE International
– Scintillation detectors Model 732-1 – LUDLUM
– RD-200 and RDU-200 radon detector devices EDA Instruments Inc.

  • Sediment analysis

– Hottes;
– Drying and warming cabinet;
– Laboratory stirrers;
– Ultrasonic Baths.

  • Water analysis

– Titrator Mettler G20.

  • Coastal geology surveys

– Vibrocorer;
– Spectrophotometer CM700d.

  • Hydrogeological surveys

– Hanna multiparametric probes with GPS;
– Water level sensors and meters;
– Grunfos submersible pumps;
– Eijkelkamp peristaltic pumps;
– EM portable ultrasonic flowmeter;
– Field fluorometer;
– Starflow Doppler flowmeter;
– Hydrometric current universal SEBA Hydrometrie.

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