C4G brings together 15 major players in Solid Earth Sciences in Portugal, from 6 universities, 2 private associations to 3 government agencies. These agencies correspond to the national authorities for geological services (LNEG – I.P.), for monitoring earthquakes and geomagnetism (IPMA – I.P.) and for the national geodetic network (DGT).

Partner Institutions and respective laboratories sharing equipment:

Direção Geral do Território (DGT) (+)

ReNEP – CORS Network

Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon [FCUL] (+)

Sample Spraying Laboratory
Polished Thin Blades Laboratory
Mineral Separation Laboratory
Microprobe Laboratory (Microssonda)
X-Ray Chemical Analysis Laboratory
Chemical Analysis Laboratory
Soil Engineering and Mechanics Geology Laboratory
Stable Isotope Laboratory
Portable Equipment Laboratory (Portable DRX and PIMA)
Paleomagnestism Laboratory
Seismology Laboratory
Applied geophysics Laboratory

Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto [FCUP] (+)

Laboratory of Electromagnetic Emission Monitoring by Fractured Rocks
Astronomy Observatory “Prof. Manuel de Barros”
Laboratory for the Characterization of Geological Materials

Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto [FEUP] (+)

Geophysics Laboratory
Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory
Solid-liquid Extraction Laboratory
Soil Remediation Laboratory

Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning – University of Lisbon [IGOT] (+)

Laboratory for Remote Sensing, Geographical Analysis and Modelling

Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science [INESCTEC] (+)

Information Systems and Computer Graphics

Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere, I.P. [IPMA] (+)

National Seismic Network
São Teotónio Geophysical Center
Laboratory of marine seismic reflection and bathymetry

Lisbon Higher Institute of Engineering [ISEL] (+)

Microseismology and Rock Physics Laboratory

Instituto Superior Técnico – University of Lisbon [IST] (+)

Laboratory of Geosciences and Geotechnologies
IT Laboratory

National Laboratory of Energy and Geology, I.P. [LNEG] (+)

Sample Preparation Laboratory
Petrography Laboratory
Sedimentology Laboraratory
Coastal Geology Services Laboratory
Hydrogeology Laboratory
Seismic Reflection Laboratory
Remote Sensing Laboratory
Laboratory of Chemical Analysis and of Geological Materials Testing
Electrical and Electromagnetic Prospecting Laboratory
Radiometry Laboratory
Center for Geological and Mining Studies of Alentejo

Atlantic Network of Geodynamic and Space Stations [RAEGE] (+)

Fundamental Geodesic Station of Santa Maria

University of Aveiro [UA] (+)

Applied Geochemistry Laboratory
Isotopic Geology Laboratory
X-Ray Laboratory

University of Beira Interior [UBI, Coordination & Headquarters] (+)

Space and Earth Geodetic Analysis Laboratory
Laboratory for the study of Radon Efects

Universidade de Coimbra [UC] (+)

Space-Planetary Interactions Monitoring and Forecasting Laboratory
Paleomagnetism Laboratory
Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory of the University of Coimbra

University of Évora [UEVORA] (+)

Geophysics Laboratory

Researchers collaborating in C4G are associated with the following Research Units:

Centre for Geographical Studies (CEG)

Dom Luiz Institute (IDL)

GeoBioSciences, GeoTechnologies and GeoEngineering (GeoBioTec)

Institute of Earth Sciences (ITC)

Laboratory of Instrumentation and Experimental Physics of Particles (LIP)

Research Centre for Earth and Space of the University of Coimbra (CITEUC)

Research Centre for Natural Resources and Environment (CERENA)

Research Centre for Natural Resources, Environment and Society (CERNAS)

The Centre For Research in Geospace Science (CICGE)