C4G is focused on the integration across disciplines and institutions, creating a prosperous relation amongst the C4G community and its stakeholders, and on the creation of a culture of service provision. To this end, the C4G community is structured in Workings Groups (WGs) and in Lines of Action (LA), where WGs function as the pillars of the whole C4G structure by making available mainly scientific data and equipment and, LAs integrate transversely the several WGs in order to provide services of broader societal impact and better tackle Solid Earth Sciences complex questions.

Working Groups:

. Seismological data and networks (+)

WG aimed at coordinating the infrastructure for the acquisition and distribution of seismic data, and for its associated products and services.

Coordination: Fernando Carrilho, IPMA
Co-coord.: Fernando Borges, UEVORA; Nuno Dias, ISEL, Susana Custódio, FCUL
Institutions: FCUL, IPMA, ISEL, UEVORA


. Applied Geophysics (+)

WG focused on delivering sets of data, products and services in seismic, potential, electrical and electromagnetic methods, mainly.

Coordination: João Carvalho, LNEG
Co-coord.: Bento Caldeira, UEVORA


. Rock physics and geomechanics laboratories (+)

WG focused on delivering data, products and equipment for the study of the physical properties of rocks and their mechanical and electrical characterization under static and dynamic actions.

Coordination: Manuel Salgueiro da Silva, FCUP
Co-coord.: Maria Matilde Costa e Silva, IST
Institutions: FCUP, ISEL, IST


. Geodetic and Gravimetric Networks and Data (+)

WG oriented for the distribution of Geodetic and Gravimetric data, with a main focus on the Permanent Portuguese GNSS Stations Network that support Geosciences. All data is freely accessible.

Coordination: Helena Ribeiro, DGT
Institutions: DGT, FCUL, UBI


. Geochemical and mineralogical laboratories (+)

WG gathering a set of geochemical laboratories that routinely use various instrumental analytical techniques for the mineralogical and chemical characterization of geological materials.

Coordination: Pedro Ferreira, LNEG
Institutions: FCUL, FCUP, FEUP, LNEG, UA


. Magnetic data and observations (+)

WG oriented to the coordination and modernization of the magnetic data acquisition and distribution infrastructure, and for the associated products and services.

Coordination: Paulo Ribeiro, UC
Co-coord.: Jorge Cruz, IPMA
Institutions: IPMA, UC


. Geological data and laboratories (+)

WG that includes repositories of geological data from various institutions, available online and/or with physical access, and laboratories that allow the characterization of geological materials in addition to geochemistry and rock physics, such as sample preparation, petrography, sedimentology and water analysis.

Coordination: Rita Caldeira, LNEG
Co-Coord.: Alexandra Guedes, FCUP
Institutions: FCUL, FCUP, IGOT, IST, LNEG, UA, UBI


. Geomathematics, Modeling and Computation (+)

WG focused on mathematical modeling, computation and visualization of geoprocesses, in interaction with the other WGs and LAs.

Coordination: Maria João Pereira [IST]
Co-Coord.: Ângela Santos [IGOT]
Institutions: IGOT, IST, FCUL, UC, UEVORA

. Remote sensing (+)

WG focused on the acquisition and use of remote sensing sensor data on different platforms (satellite, airborne and terrain) for observation, mapping and monitoring within the scope of geosciences.

Coordination: Lídia Quental, LNEG
Co-Coord.: Pedro Pina, IST; Carla Mora, IGOT; João Catalão, FCUL
Institutions: FCUL, IGOT, IST, LNEG


. Laboratories of Paleomagnetism (+)

WG focused on the study of magnetic properties of rocks and sediments for a better understanding of geological processes.

Coordination: Pedro Silva, ISEL/FCUL
Co-Coord.: Eric Font, UC
Institutions: FCUL, ISEL, UC


. Marine seismic reflection and bathymetry laboratory (+)

Laboratory unit for the acquisition, processing and interpretation of marine geophysical data (acoustic, magnetic and gravimetric methods) and their geological integration.

Coordination: Pedro Terrinha, IPMA
Institutions: IPMA


. Georesources, extraction and processing (+)

WG oriented towards the availability of products and equipment in the areas of inventory, extraction and processing of mineral geo-resources and also in the storage and reuse of waste (rejected).

Coordination: António Fiúza, FEUP
Institutions: FEUP, LNEG


. Monitoring permafrost environments (+)

WG integrating and facilitating access to various data and methods for the study of permafrost (polar regions and high mountains). Monitoring permafrost is a task carried out by the Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost (GTN-P), with several observatories installed by this WG in the Antarctic Peninsula region (PERMANTAR network).

Coordination: Gonçalo Vieira, IGOT
Institutions: IGOT, IST


Lines of Action:

. Integrated services for georesources (+)

LA that aims to integrate methodologies and carry out applied studies that focus on all or any of the components of the geo-resources life cycle: estimation of in-situ and extractable resources, mining extraction, physical and/or chemical processing of ores, solutions to minimize environmental impacts, waste recycling solutions, including the perspective of the circular economy, and also the analysis of the life cycle and technical and economic feasibility of the processes.

Coordination: António Fiúza, FEUP
Institutions: FEUP, LNEG

. Integrated services for the geoenvironment (+)

LA that promotes the integration of several WGs for the provision of services in geoenvironment, thus, contributing to environmental sustainability, through the identification, characterization and monitoring of geoenvironmental parameters.

Coordination: Mª Teresa Carvalho, IST
Co-Coord.: Mª Rosário Carvalho, FCUL
Institutions: FCUL, IGOT, IPCB, IST, LNEG, UA


. Marine geology (+)

LA that provides integrated services in thematic geological characterization, from estuaries to abyssal bottoms.

Coordination: Pedro Terrinha, IPMA
Institutions: IPMA


. Integrated Services for the Mitigation of Natural Risks (+)

LA responsible for the development and distribution of integrated products to support the mitigation of natural risks.

Coordination: Luis Matias, FCUL
Co-Coord.: Ricardo Garcia, IGOT
Institutions: FCUL, IGOT, IPMA, UBI, UC


. Integrated Services for the Mitigation of Cosmic Risks (+)

LA aimed at identifying and mitigating cosmic risks associated with potential collisions of asteroids or comets with Earth, or even the fall of orbital space debris, as well as intense solar storms.

Coordination: Teresa Seixas, FCUP
Co-Coord.: Alexandra Pais, UC
Institutions: FCUP, UC


. Integrated Services for the Mitigation of Anthropogenic Risks (+)

Coordination: Carla Candeias, UA
Co-Coord.: Mª Lurdes Dinis, FEUP

and the transversal LAs,

. Professional, technical and scientific training (+)

Coordination: Fernando Carlos Lopes, UC

. Interaction with stakeholders, including industry (+)

Coordination: Artur Rocha, INESCTEC

. Communication and dissemination, including the promotion of public awareness and the dissemination of access rules and services (+)

Coordination: Carla Patinha, UA

. e-Infrastructure structure and maintenance (+)

Coordination: Paul Crocker, UBI
Institutions: UBI