• Integrated Services for the Mitigation of Natural Risks [+]
  • Integrated Services for the Mitigation of Anthropogenic Risks [+]
  • Integrated Services for the Mitigation of Cosmic Risks [+]
. Natural Risks

Coordinator: Luis Matias, FCUL
Co-coordination: Ricardo Garcia, IGOT

Institutions: FCUL, IGOT, IPMA, UBI, UC

Data and Services:
. Tsunami warning system
. Seismic risk studies and stress maps
. Risk assessment of coastal environments
. Assessment of the susceptibility of slopes to instability
. Maps of the susceptibility of cliffs to instability, at the regional scale
. Monitoring of radon emission on soils and rocks for environmental control
. Identification of gamma emitting nuclide and activity measurement for environmental control

[Further resources on data related to natural risks can be found here]


. Anthropogenic Risks

{ under construction }


. Cosmic Risks

Coordinator: Teresa Seixas, FCUP
Co-coordination: Alexandra Pais, UC

Institutions: FCUP, UC

Data and Services:
. Solar data and monitoring of space climate data [here]
. Asteroid reflectance spectroscopy

[Sources of data used, can be found here]