• Seismology [+]
  • Applied Geophysics [+]
  • Rock Mechanics [+]
  • Geomagnetism [+]
  • Paleomagnetism [+]

. Seismological data and networks

Coordination: Fernando Carrilho, IPMA
Co-coordination: Fernando Borges, UEVORA; Nuno Dias, ISEL, Susana Custódio, FCUL

Institutions: FCUL, IPMA, ISEL, UEVORA

Data and Services:
. Seismograms of the portuguese permanent seismic network (incl. Archives) [here]
. Metadata of the portuguese permanent seismic network (incl. Archives) [here]
. Seismic maps [here]
. Lists of seismic activity
. Monthly seismic boletins
. Seismic catalogues
. Shakemaps [here]
. Focal Mechanisms
. Seismic monitorization and surveillance of the Azores and Madeira Archipelagos, and Continental Portugal (fast alert for the civil protection sistem and for the population)
. Specific monitoring surveys with mobile seismic networks


. Applied Geophysics

Coordination: João Carvalho, LNEG
Co-coordination: Bento Caldeira, UEVORA


Data and Services:
. Shallow seismic reflection and refraction profiles data
. Geoelectric and electromagnetic profiles data
. Data of resistivity/IP profiles and of seismic tomography

. Waveforms of the seismic station EVO (continuous registry since 2006)
. Waveforms of portuguese temporary seismic networks: Évora (1997-1998); Algarve (since 2006); Arraiolos (since 2017)

. Seismic noise (Tagus valley (Portugal mainland), Islands of Faial, Pico and S. Jorge (Azores), and of the Mitidja Basin – Argelia)
. Seismic refraction of Faial island (Azores)
. Profiles of electric tomography (Tagus valley, Portugal)
. Georadar profiles (Tagus valley, Portugal)
. Data of applied studies in Archeology (since 2010): georadar, electromagnetic, electric tomography and magnetometry (Portugal, Spain and Morocco)

. Technical reports on geotechnical, geophysical and geothermal boreholes
. Geothermal maps of continental Portugal [here]
. Radiometric maps at 1:1 M scales [here]
. Gravimetry (Bouger anomaly) and magnetic anomaly maps at 400 K scale
. Map of the basement depth of the Lower Tagus Valley
. 3D velocities model of the south Iberian Peninsula – SWIMOD
. Reports of geophysical surveys and studies applied to Archeology

. Aquisition, processing and interpretation of:
– seismic reflection, refraction and first arrival tomographic surveys
– magnetic, electric, electromagnetic and GPR data
– 2D/3D seismic refraction and of large-angle reflection, and of first arrival tomography for the crustal structure

. Aquisition and interpretation of well logs
. Interpretation of gravimetric data (derived maps and 2D, 2.75D and 3D modelling)
. Stochastic modeling of the subsurface proprieties (elastic and petrophysical) through the aplication of geostatistical technics and inverse modeling of geophysical data

. Computer application for geoestatistical modeling
. Computer application for seismic stochastic inversion


. Rock Mechanics

Coordination: Manuel Salgueiro da Silva, FUCP
Co-coordination: Maria Matilde Costa e Silva, IST

Institutions: FCUP, ISEL, IST

Data and Services
. Elastic moduli and poisson coeficient data
. Rock index properties data
. Superficial rugosity data
. Deformation curves under different load conditions
. Consolidation and shear parametres of soils
. Computer application ElectroRocks: simulation of processes of generation and transport of electric charge associated to events of inelastic deformation or rock fracture
. Determination of rock deformability and strength


. Geomagnetism

Coordination: Paulo Ribeiro, UC
Co-coordination: Jorge Cruz, IPMA

Institutions: IPMA, UC

Data and Services
. Temporal series (1-min) of the H, D, and Z variations and of F (total field) of the Coimbra magnetic observatory
. Series of the average values (minute, hour, year) of the Coimbra magnetic observatory (COI) [here]
. Boletins of monthly magnetic data from the Coimbra observatory
. Monthly average curves of diurnal variations of the geomagnetic components
. Monitoring of geomagnetic activity in continental Portugal [here]
. Absolute determination of magnetic declination in airports and aerodromes

[Further sources of data here]


. Paleomagnetism

Coordination: Pedro Silva, ISEL/FCUL
Co-coordination: Eric Font, UC

Institutions: FCUL, ISEL, UC

Data and Services
. Paleomagnetic and Geomagnetic data from S. Jorge Island (Azores archipelago)
. Paleomagnetic data from Pico Island (Azores archipelago), Sines igneous massif (Portugal), Foum Zguid dyke (Morocco)
. Field work facilities on paleomagnetism
. Measurements of magnetic fabrics, rock magnetism and paleomagnetism