• WG9. Remote Sensing

Coordination: Lídia Quental, LNEG
Co-coordination: Pedro Pina, IST; Carla Mora, IGOT; João Catalão, FCUL
Institutions: FCUL, IGOT, IST, LNEG

Working group oriented towards the acquisition and use of remote sensing sensor data on different platforms (satellite, airborne and terrain) for the observation, mapping and monitoring within the scope of geosciences.

Aims at: the identification and integration of inter-institutional competences of remote sensing for application development; conceptualization, development and availability of mapping services for managing geo-resources, environment and emergency situations of geohazards; promotion of activities for integration and validation (multi-source Earth Observation data, terrain data and various analytical instruments); resource optimization for InSAR monitoring of the Earth’s surface; and the development of a national emergency support protocol in the event of natural disasters based on remote sensing.


  • Landcover maps derived from remote sensing


  • mapRS
    Mapping for geo-resource management, environment and geohazards emergency situations derived from multi-source remote sensing data.
  • Drone surveys
    Data acquisition using drones and processing for thematic characterization, monitoring purposes and validation upon request.
  • InSAR Map
    Mapping the surface deformation using SAR interferometry.

  • Monitoring of geometric behavior (deformation) of the Earth’s surface



  • Remote sensing
    Provide the basic knowledge to manipulate remotely sensed images along a complete processing chain, from data pre-processing to map creation and analysis: platforms, sensors and types of remote sensing data. Image processing techniques. Machine learning and classification. Change detection techniques. (1 week, in-house)

  • Mapping and spatial modeling with unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Thematic actions upon request

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  • Lidar
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Drones (DJI, SenseFly)
  • Photogrammetric camera
  • Multispectral camera
  • RGB camera

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  • GEOMODLAB – Lab. for remote sensing, geographical analysis and modeling:
    • Workstations for data processing and analysis