• Marine Geology

Coordinator: Pedro Terrinha, IPMA

Institutions: IPMA

Data and Services:
. Seismic reflection data
. Bathymetric, backscatter and magnetic data
. Water column sound velocity profiles
. Direct observation of seafloor: photo and video
. Bathymetric and magnetic grids
. Offshore geological maps
. Geological and lithologic maps of the seabed
. Morpho-tectonic maps of marine areas
. Models of the deep crustal structure and geological boundaries

. Ultra high resolution seismic reflection: acquisition, processing and interpretation
. Multibeam and backscatter: acquistition, processing and interpretation
. Marine magnetic surveys: acquisition, processing & interpretation
. Seismic refraction: processing and interpretation
. Direct observation of seafloor: video acquisition
. Identification of areas with potential for the exploration of subsea geo-resources
. High resolution characterization of marine aggregates and placers and assessment of the volume of exploitable material
. Sharing thematic cartography in EMODnet-geology [here]