. Georesources, extraction and processing
. Integrated services for Georesources

Coordination: António Fiúza, FEUP
Institutions: FEUP, IST, LNEG

. Data, data derived Products, in-house built Software, Services [+]
. access to Equipment [+]
. Training actions [+]

+ Data (D), Products (P), Software (Sf) and Services (S):

P. Maps of the portuguese mineral occurences, 1:250 00 and 1:500 000
P. Database of portuguese mineral ores [here]
P. Visualization of the portuguese mineral resources and occurences [here]

S. 3D models of georesources
S. Physical, chemical and environmental characterization of ore materials
S. Quantitative estimation of ore reserves – conception and selection
P. Mining extraction method definition and dimensioning of equipment
S. Optimization of planing and sequence of exploration
S. Estimation of mineral resources, dilution, need of ‘blending’
S. Discontinuous concentration and purification tests, of physical, chemical and biologic nature
S. Preliminary proposals of Flowsheeting. Development of ‘Flowsheeting’ diagrams. Quantitative simulation of processing diagrams and mass balances
S. Analysis and definition of control and automation strategies
S. Acess to software and methodological proceedings for the characterization, dimensioning, definition and optimization of the modus operandi of specific unit operations (blasting, charge, transport, etc.)

S. Parcel studies on:
– georesources inventory and classification, and on the extraction area
– on the physical processing of ores and in the minimization of the environmental impact
– hydrometallurgical and in bio-hydrometallurgical processing of ores
– decommissioning, closure and rehabilitation plans

S. Georesource life cycle analysis studies
S. Economic pre-feasibility studies for the exploitation of geo-resources
S. Studies on mining waste recycling
S. Studies on geo-environment and circular economy

+ Equipment:
  • Zenit Atomic Absorption
  • Varian 100 double-beam spectrophotometer
  • Dispersive energy X-ray fluorescence
  • Pressure leach reactor
  • Radionuclide identifier with germanium detector
  • Laser Diffraction Particle Analyzer
  • Gas chromatograph for columns with FID and TCD packaging
  • Gas chromatograph with capillary columns for FID and ECD
  • Flotation cell
  • Climatic corrosion chamber

Check more EQUIPMENT available via C4G, here.

+ Training:

. Training in proceedings on the use of specific equipment used in georesources
. Training in normalized protocols in the characterization of georesources
. Training on operational units of mining extraction, processing of ores, storage of rejected materials

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