. Georesources, extraction and processing

Coordination: António Fiúza, FEUP

Institutions: FEUP, LNEG

Data and Services:
. Maps of the portuguese mineral occurences, 1:250 00 and 1:500 000
. Database of portuguese mineral ores [here]
. Visualization of the portuguese mineral resources and occurences [here]

. 3D models of georesources
. Physical, chemical and environmental characterization of ore materials
. Quantitative estimation of ore reserves – conception and selection
. Mining extraction method definition and dimensioning of equipment
. Optimization of planing and sequence of exploration
. Estimation of mineral resources, dilution, need of ‘blending’
. Discontinuous concentration and purification tests, of physical, chemical and biologic nature
. Preliminary proposals of Flowsheeting. Development of ‘Flowsheeting’ diagrams. Quantitative simulation of processing diagrams and mass balances
. Analysis and definition of control and automation strategies
. Acess to software and methodological proceedings for the characterization, dimensioning, definition and optimization of the modus operandi of specific unit operations (blasting, charge, transport, etc.)

. Parcel studies on:
– georesources inventory and classification, and on the extraction area
– on the physical processing of ores and in the minimization of the environmental impact
– hydrometallurgical and in bio-hydrometallurgical processing of ores
– decommissioning, closure and rehabilitation plans

. Georesource life cycle analysis studies
. Economic pre-feasibility studies for the exploitation of geo-resources
. Studies on mining waste recycling
. Studies on geo-environment and circular economy