• WG10. Paleomagnetic laboratories

Coordination: Pedro Silva, ISEL/FCUL
Co-coordination: Eric Font, UC
Institutions: FCUL, ISEL, UC

Working group focused on the study of magnetic properties of rocks and sediments for a better understanding of geological processes.

Aims at the provision of instrumental means for the study of paleomagnetism, magnetic fabrics, rock magnetism and environmental magnetism; the acquisition of equipment to improve the analytical quality available to the academic and non/academic communities; the creation of a data repository and the increased participation in international groups.


  • Paleomagnetic and geomagnetic processed data
    S. Jorge Island (Azores archipelago)

  • Paleomagnetic processed data
    Pico Island (Azores archipelago), Sines igneous massif (Portugal), Foum Zguid dyke (Morocco)


  • Lab and field work facilities on paleomagnetism
  • Measurements of magnetic fabrics, rock magnetism and paleomagnetism



  • Short courses and workshops of paleomagnetism, magnetic fabrics and rock magnetism
    In-house and e-learning

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  • Spinner magnetometer
  • Anhysteretic pulse magnetizer
  • Alternating magnetic field demagnetizer
  • Impulse magnetizer
  • Thermal demagnetizer (home made)
  • Magnetic susceptibility meter (incl. portable)

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