The following lists refer to equipment that is available to be shared following the access rules defined by C4G [consult here]. Although a few of these scientific instruments can be used across the Geosciences, they are mainly used in the following disciplines:

  • Geodesy [+]
  • Geology [+] and Geochemistry [+]
  • Geophysics:
    • Seismology [+]
    • Applied Geophysics [+]
    • Rock Mechanics [+]
    • Geomagnetism [+]
    • Paleomagnetism [+]
  • Marine Geology [+]
  • Remote Sensing [+]
  • Georesources [+]
  • Others [+]
. Geodesy


  • GNSS and related equipment:
    • Mobile GNSS stations Topcon
    • Antennas (VP geodetic) and receivers
    • Cables and connectors
    • Antenna mounts (tripods)
  • GPS and related equipment:
    • GPS Stonex S900A and GPS sticks
    • GPS Leica GS09
    • GPS Leica GS15
    • GPS Trimble R4
    • GPS Trimble Nomad
    • GPS Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 Series GeoXR
    • GPS total stations
    • Differential GPS Vbox + Base Station Racelogic
  • Analog gravimeter
  • External Radio
  • Caderneta S4HII and controller stands
  • Nedo wood tripods
  • GS bipods – Survey


. Geology


Equipment related to:

  • Sample Spraying and Preparation
    • Hydraulic Press, Isogranulator, Jaw Mill, Agate and Tungsten ring mills, Planetary Agate Mill, Mill with removable tungsten carbide jaws, Agata Ring Mill Siebtechnik, High precision digital balances (Mettler), Primary rock cutting machines, GEOFORM – Precision polisher / cutter and diamond discs and cups, Polishing system for blades and rock surfaces (Final polishing machine + vacuum pump unit), Husqvarna TS 230 F (Primary cut machine), Drilling and rock core cutting machine, Sample drying oven, Frantz electromagnetic separator
  • Polished Thin Blades
    • Diamond Saws, Precision Diamond Saws, Micrometric precision wear equipment, Optical surface polishing equipment
  • Mineral Separation
    • Electromagnetic separator, Separation by heavy liquids
  • Characterization of Geological Materials
    • Nikon LV-100 microscope with Grain size NIS-A module, XRF- X-MET7500 Mining Analyser, Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRaman spectrometer equipped with a 632.8 nm laser, Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRAM Microscope XploRATM equipped with a 532 nm laser, Bruker Tensor-27 Infra-Red spectrometer equipped with TGC-detector and ATR unit, Linkam Heating-freezing microthermometric stages for fluid inclusion studies, Agico Kappabridge KLY-4S Magnetic susceptibility meter, Lumic HC3-LM Cathodoluminescence equipment, Agilent 61701DA GC-MS, Leica DM 4000M reflectance light microscope with Image analysis, Chaixmeca freezing stage, Leica M 205C Binocular Microscope, Leica DM 2500P microscope
  • Petrography
    • Petrographic Microscopes, Digital camera and image analysis and treatment software, High resolution monitor for petrographic photography system
  • X-Ray
    • Granulometric Microanalysis Equipment – Sedigraph
  • Sedimentology and Coastal Geology
    • Drying and warming cabinet, Laboratory stirrers (3x), Ultrasonic Baths (2x), Spectrophotometer CM700d, Hottes (2x), Vibrocorer
  • Radon
    • Detector HPGe Model GC 2518 – Camberra, NanoReader Model v1.0 – Radosys, NanoBath Model v1.0 – Radosys, Electronic Radon Instrumentation Model RAD7 – Durrige, Continuous Radon Monitor Model 1029 – Sun Nuclear, Electronic Radon Detector Monitor 2.2 – Ramon, Handheld Digital Radiation Detector Inpector EXP – SE International, Scintillation detectors Model 732-1 – LUDLUM, 1 RD-200 and RDU-200 radon detector devices EDA Instruments Inc.
  • Hydrogeology
    • Water level sensor with loggers In Situ Inc. Level Troll 700, Titrator Mettler G20, Submersible pump Grunfos, Foot valve pump eijkelkamp, Portable ultrasonic flow meter EM, Field fluorometer GGUN-FL24, Starflow doppler flow meter, Water level dipmeter (50 m and 300 m) SEBA Hydrometrie, Hydrometric Universal Current Meter SEBA
  • Environmental radioactivity
    • Radionuclide identifier with germanium detector
  • Soil remediation
    • Laser Difraction Particle Analyzer


. Geochemistry

Institutions: FCUL, FCUP, FEUP, LNEG, UA

  • High-vacuum electronic microswitch with WDS and EDS
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • Dispersive energy X-ray fluorescence
  • X-ray difractometer
  • Portable X-ray difratometer
  • Portable infrared spectrometer
  • Bruker Tensor-27 infrared spectrometer equipped with TGC-detector and ATR unit
  • Fourier transform infrared spectrometer
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer
  • Zenit atomic Absorption
  • Ion chromatograph
  • Isotopic Ratio Mass Spectrometer
  • Ablation laser extraction line
  • Gas chromatograph
  • Elementary analyzer (C, N and S%)
  • Line of Fluorination
  • Elementary volatile analyzer
  • Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRaman spectrometer equipped with a 632.8 nm laser
  • Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRAM microscope XploRATM equipped with a 532 nm laser
  • Varian 100 double-beam spectrophotometer
  • JXA-8500F electron probe microanalyzer
  • Granulometric microanalysis equipment – Sedigraph
  • VG Micromass mass spectrometer
  • Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
  • Retsh soil sieve


. Seismology

Institutions: FCUL, IPMA, ISEL, UEVORA

  • Milling machine
  • Seismometers BB
  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Solar controlador
  • Solar battery
  • Acceloremeter, Permanent station
  • Reftek mobile network
  • Short-period OBS network
  • Broadband seismometer 6TD-1

Available online [here]
. Short-Period Seismometers
. Broadband seismometers
. Dataloggers
. Nodes


. Applied Geophysics


  • Gamma Spectrography GR-256 with GPS-21 Detector
  • Ground Penetrating Radar GSSI SIR 3000
  • Soil radar
  • Very Low Frequency Electromagnetics (VLF)
  • Resistivity meter and single resistivity meter
  • Soil conductivity meter
  • Geophysical logging equipment
  • Seismic reflection laboratory (72 channels)
  • Accelerated mass seismic source
  • Vertical geophones, 4 Hz, 10 Hz, 40 Hz
  • Horizontal geophones, 10 Hz
  • Induced Polarization – Transmitter Scintrex TSQ3; Receiver Elliot IPR10A
  • Electrical Tomography System
  • Georadar system
  • GPR antenna 100 MHZ (monostatic/bistatic), 200 MHZ, 400 MHZ, 1600 MHz, 400 MHz
  • Antenna transport cart with tachometer
  • 24 channels seismographer
  • PASI seismograph


. Rock Mechanics

Institutions: FCUL, FCUP, ISEL, IST

  • Laser particle analyser
  • Leica fotogrametric LPS
  • Direct pull press
  • Uniaxial Press
  • Vacuum pump
  • Optical Microscope
  • Hoek cell (tri-axial)
  • High pressure triaxial cell, with axial and circumferential measurement system with ultrasonic reading transducers
  • Hydraulic press and accessories for brazilian tests, flexing, uniaxial compression and determination of the deformability module
  • Permeation for rocks under constant pressure
  • Coreflooding unit
  • Data-logger
  • Ultrasonic Pulser/Receiver
  • Ultrasonic Monitoring System and AE recorder
  • Equipment for sonic speed measurement by ultrasonic pulse transmission
  • Low friction manual pressure mantainer
  • AE Sensor-P wave; AE Sensor-S wave
  • Eletromagnetic detection system
  • X-ray microtomograph
  • Climatic Corrosion Chamber


. Geomagnetism

Institutions: FCUL, FEUP, IPMA, UC

  • Land magnetic base station
  • Total-field scalar magnetometer
  • Magnetometer DI-flux
  • Scalar magnetometer (F Total-field)
  • Triaxial fluxgate magnetometer
  • Cesium magnetometer G-858
  • Fluxgate magnetometer LEMI-018
  • Magnetometer of absolute observations DI-flux (MinGeo)
  • Full-field scalar magnetometer
  • Scalar magnetometer (Total-field F)


. Paleomagnetism

Institutions: FCUL, IPMA, UC

  • Spinner Magnetometer (JR-6)
  • Anhysteretic pulse magnetizer (AMU-1A)
  • Alternating magnetic field demagnetizer (LDA-3A)
  • Impulse magnetizer (IM-10-30)
  • Thermal demagnetizer (home made)
  • AF demagnetizer – ARM magnetizer
  • Magnetic Susceptibility meter
  • Magnetizer


. Marine Geology

Institutions: IPMA

  • SeisLab – Lab. of marine seismic reflection and bathymetry; includes:
    • Workstations for seismic data processing and interpretation
    • Radex Pro Seismic Processing software
    • Landmark suite software
  • Ultra-high resolution seismic reflection spread: 1kJ pps, 24 channels, 200 tips sparker
  • Multibeam echosounder+SVP+Positioning system spreads
  • STR SeaSpyder Telemetry underwater system, photo and video camera
  • Valeport Sound Velocity Sensor & Profiler


. Remote Sensing

Institutions: FCUL, IGOT, IST, LNEG, UBI

  • GEOMODLAB – Lab. for remote sensing and geopgraphical analysis and modeling, includes:
    • Workstations
    • Software eCognition and PIX4D mapper]
  • Lidar Phoenix Scout
  • VANT-drones:
    – Hexacopterous
    – Sensefly Ebee Classic
    – Sensefly Ebee Plus RTK
    – DJI Phantom 3 Advanced
    – DJI Phantom 4
  • Cameras for drones: Soda and Parrot Sequoia


. Georesources

Institutions: FEUP, IST

  • Zenit Atomic Absorption
  • Varian 100 double-beam spectrophotometer
  • Dispersive energy X-ray fluorescence
  • Pressure leach reactor
  • Radionuclide identifier with germanium detector
  • Laser Diffraction Particle Analyzer
  • Gas chromatograph for columns with FID and TCD packaging
  • Gas chromatograph with capillary columns for FID and ECD
  • Flotation cell
  • Climatic corrosion chamber


. Others

Institutions: IGOT, INESCTEC, LNEG

Generators; drilling equipment for bedrock ; soil auger;
Various weather sensors and dataloggers;