• Geomathematics, Modeling and Computation

Coordination: Maria João Pereira [IST]
Co-coordination: Ângela Santos [IGOT]
Institutions: IGOT, IST, FCUL, UC, UEVORA

. Data, data derived Products, in-house built Software, Services [+]
. Training actions [+]

+ Data (D), Products (P), Software (Sf) and Services (S):

P. Models of Tsunamis in Portugal
P. Models of mass movement in Continental Portugal
P. Models of geomagnetically induced currents in the Portuguese power grid

Sf. Andad – Data Analysis Methods [here]
Sf. GeoMS – Geostatistical Modeling Software [here]
Sf. Global Stochastic Inversion algorithm for seismic zones

S. Modeling of mineral reserves
S. Modeling groundwater quality
Modeling soil quality
S. Modeling the stability of slopes and tunnels
S. Modeling flows in porous and fractured media
S. Modeling of natural and man-made risks
S. Mathematical modeling for hydrological forecasting, control and mitigation
S. Identification and measurement of the area of ​​facular regions on the Sun’s surface

+ Training:

. Statistical learning course
. Risk modeling course applied to earth and environmental sciences

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