• Geomathematics, Modeling and Computation

Coordination: Maria João Pereira [IST]
Co-coordination: Ângela Santos [IGOT]

Institutions: IGOT, IST, FCUL, UC, UEVORA

Data and Services:
. Models of Tsunamis in Portugal
. Models of mass movement in Continental Portugal
. Models of geomagnetically induced currents in the Portuguese power grid
. Modeling of mineral reserves
. Modeling groundwater quality
. Modeling soil quality
. Modeling the stability of slopes and tunnels
. Modeling flows in porous and fractured media
. Modeling of natural and man-made risks
. Mathematical modeling for hydrological forecasting, control and mitigation
. Identification and measurement of the area of ​​facular regions on the Sun’s surface

. Andad – Data Analysis Methods [here]
. GeoMS – Geostatistical Modeling Software [here]
. Global Stochastic Inversion algorithm for seismic zones