Laboratory of marine seismic reflection and bathymetry

Laboratory dedicated to support research on marine geology, It carries out acquisition, processing and interpretation of marine geophysical data (2D and 3D seismics, magnetics and gravimetry), seafloor imaging and rock description.

Laboratory for remote sensing, geographical analysis and modeling

Laboratory dedicated to support research on spatial analysis. It includes workstations and software for spatial analysis and processing such as eCognition and PIX4D mapper.

Laboratory of Geosciences and Geotechnologies

Laboratory of geoscience and geoengineering, equipped to study raw materials, performing mineralogical, petrological, geochemical, geomechanical characterization and mineral and waste processing tests.

Computation Laboratory

Laboratory for processing and modeling of spatial/temporal data and of remote sensing images, for processing and interpretation of seismic reflection data and for dynamic fluid simulations.


Microseismology and Rock Physics Laboratory

Laboratory for the simulation and quantification of the physical and mechanical properties of rocks according to natural conditions such as pressure, temperature and fluid circulation, integrating the effect of intrinsic properties, in particular, texture, porosity and initial fracture state.

Laboratory for the Study of Radon Efects

Laboratory dedicated to the study of nuclear physics, of radiation protection and environmental radioactivity and risk analysis.

Space and Earth Geodetic Analysis Laboratory

Laboratory for the acquisition and processing of GNSS observations for scientific applications, namely for reference frame and geodynamic studies.

Space-Planetary Interactions Monitoring and Forecasting Laboratory

Laboratory dedicated to Spatial Meteorology, with access to 150 years of continuous geomagnetic and solar observations.

IDL Seismology Lab

Laboratory supporting seismological research, collects both inland (seismometers, accelerometers) and oceanic (OBS – Ocean Bottom Seismometers) data.

Paleomagnetism Labs

Paleomagnetism Labs

Laboratories for the research of the behaviour of the Earth’s magnetic field, rock formation and deformational processes linked to tectonics, as well as, paleogeography and paleoenvironment.


Laboratory of Electromagnetic Emission Monitoring by Fractured Rocks

Laboratories of Applied Geophysics

Laboratories for the prospection of electrical and electromagnetic properties of the underground


Laboratory for the Characterization of Geological Materials

The LCGM comprises advanced analytical equipment that carry out analyses on Fluid inclusions microthermometry, Raman micro-spectrometry/spectroscopy, Spectroscopy, Cathodoluminescence, Gas chromatography, Magnetic susceptibility, Geophysics, and Petrography.