C4G is a distributed, multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary infrastructure, governed by bodies with different assignments, which validate each other and collaborate towards the same goals. C4G bodies are purposely diverse, encompassing both senior accomplished specialists and young dynamic researchers, scientists and technicians, as well as professionals experienced in the management of RIs (laboratories, networks and data centers, etc.). C4G decision-making body is the Coordination Council, where every institution is represented. The Executive Committee ensures the day-to-day management of the C4G, assuming the coordination of the activities defined in the Action Plan, in accordance with the principles and strategies defined by the Coordinating Council. In its functional articulation, the Executive Committee is assisted by an Operational Office.

Coordinating Council
DGT     Helena Ribeiro
FCUL   Luís Matias (proxy: Mário Gonçalves)
FCUP   Teresa Monteiro Seixas
FEUP   António Fiúza (proxy: José Soeiro Carvalho)
LNEG   João Carvalho
ISEL     Graça Silveira
IGOT    Gonçalo Vieira
INESCTEC  Artur Rocha
IPMA   Fernando Carrilho (proxy: Pedro Terrinha)
IST       Maria João Pereira
UA       Fernando Rocha (proxy: Carla Candeias)
UBI      Rui Fernandes [President] (proxy: Paul Crocker)
UC       Fernando Lopes
UEVORA     Mourad Bezzeghoud (proxy: José Fernando Borges)

Executive Commission
FCUL    Mário Gonçalves (Vice-President)
FEUP    António Fiúza (proxy: José Soeiro Carvalho)
LNEG   Rita Caldeira
IPMA    Pedro Terrinha
ISEL     Pedro Silva
UA       Fernando Rocha
UBI      Rui Fernandes [President] (proxy: Paul Crocker)
UBI      Paul Crocker

More on the C4G’s geoscientific teams.

Technical Director – 
STI Manager – Gabriela Batti
IT Specialist – Luís Carvalho

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