• Geoenvironment [+]
  • Monitoring permafrost environments [+]
. Geoenvironment

Coordination: Mª Teresa Carvalho, IST
Co-coordination: Mª Rosário Carvalho, FCUL

Institutions: FCUL, IGOT, IPCB, IST, LNEG, UA

Data and services:
. Geochemical maps
. Geoenvironmental vulnerability maps
. Landcover maps derived from remote sensing
. Plans and networks for monitoring geoenvironmental parameters
. Geoenvironmental, morphological and geomorphological maps
. Identification of geoenvironmental anomalies in different media (e.g. aquifers, soils)
. Identification and assessment of environmental vulnerability in different environments (e.g. aquifers, soils)
. Characterization and multi-scalar analysis of geoenvironmental processes
. Identification of remediation and mitigation measures
. Monitoring of geoenvironmental parameters
. Geochemical water-rock interaction modeling
. Environmental impact studies

. Monitoring permafrost environments

Coordination: Gonçalo Vieira, IGOT
Institutions: IGOT, IST

Data and services:
. Permafrost temperatures of the Antartic Peninsula [here]
. Geoenvironmental hazard mapping in polar regions and mountainous regions
. Environmental consulting in polar regions and mountaineous regions