Coordination: Mª Teresa Carvalho, IST
Co-coordination: Mª Rosário Carvalho, FCUL
Institutions: FCUL, IGOT, IPCB, IST, LNEG, UA

Integration of several working groups for the provision of services in geoenvironment, thus contributing to environmental sustainability, through the identification, characterization and monitoring of geoenvironmental parameters.

. Data, data derived Products, in-house built Software, Services [+]
. Training actions [+]

+ Data (D), Products (P), Software (Sf) and Services (S):

P. Geochemical maps
Geoenvironmental vulnerability maps
P. Landcover maps derived from remote sensing
P. Plans and networks for monitoring geoenvironmental parameters
P. Geoenvironmental, morphological and geomorphological maps

S. Identification of geoenvironmental anomalies in different media (e.g. aquifers, soils)
S. Identification and assessment of environmental vulnerability in different environments (e.g. aquifers, soils)
S. Characterization and multi-scalar analysis of geoenvironmental processes
S. Identification of remediation and mitigation measures
S. Monitoring of geoenvironmental parameters
S. Geochemical water-rock interaction modeling
S. Environmental impact studies

+ Training:

. Course on modeling of geochemical processes
. Course in Remote Sensing applied to Geoenvironment
. Workshop on environmental impacts associated with the extractive industry
. Workshop on Medical Geology
. Course on Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14001 (2015)
. Workshop on Isotopic Hydrology in the sustainable management of water resources

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