• WG1. Seismological Data and Networks

Coordination: Fernando Carrilho, IPMA
Co-coordination: Fernando Borges, UÉ; Nuno Dias, ISEL, Susana Custódio, FCUL
Institutions: FCUL, IPMA, ISEL, UÉ

Working group coordinating the infrastructure for the acquisition and distribution of portuguese seismic data, and for associated products and services.

Aims to requalify the portuguese permanent seismic network, to integrate all permanent seismic stations, to implement an EIDA (European Integration Data Archive) – ORFEUS (European Infrastructure for seismic waveform data in EPOS) node for seismic data distribution, and to operationalize a sharing network of mobile seismic stations.


  • Seismograms of the portuguese permanent seismic network
    (incl. Archives) [here]
  • Metadata of the portuguese permanent seismic network
    (incl. Archives) [here]
  • Waveforms of the seimic station EVO
    Continuous series since 2006 [here]
  • Waveforms of portuguese temporary seismic networks (sac & SEISAN)
    Évora (1997-1998); Algarve (since 2006); Arraiolos (since 2017)
  • Seismic activity dynamic maps
    Online visualization of seismic activity in the world and Portugal.
  • Monthly seismic boletins (pdf, arr, bul)
    Contains lists of seismic stations, hypocenter parameters, pickings (arrivals and amplitudes) of nearby and global earthquakes, and epicenter maps – adjacent Iberian and Atlantic Zone (in portuguese)
  • Seismic catalogues (pdf)
    [here] (in portuguese)
  • Shakemaps (jpg, ps)
  • Focal Mechanisms (png)
    Online visualization.
  • (available soon)
    • Focal mechanisms (near-real time)
    • Macrosseismic activity



  • Seismic monitorization and surveillance
    Fast alert for the civil protection sistem and for the population of Azores and Madeira Archipelagos, and Continental Portugal.
  • Specific monitoring surveys with mobile seismic networks
Check the C4G services related to Seismic Risks (LA8. Integrated services for the mitigation 
of natural risks).
Further sources of seismological data and services: ORFEUS, EMS, GEOFON.



  • Operation and management of seismic networks
    Short-medium term stays for professionals
  • Processing and seismic analysis
    Short term stays for professionals
  • Seismic networks
    Short term stays for students

Check more TRAINING available via C4G.



  • Short-period and broadband seismometers
  • Dataloggers and nodes
  • Short-period OBS network
  • Acceloremeters
  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Solar controlers and batteries
  • Mobile net
  • Milling machine

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