The Project SUGGEST-AFRICA, which benefits from the participation of UBI, led by Prof. Rui Fernandes – researcher from SEGAL (UBI/IDL), is one of the highlights at UrbietOrbi this week.

UBI was awarded a research grant (299.278,74 €) by FCT and the Aga Kahn Development Network, for cooperation with African institutions towards natural disaster risk mitigation.

Project SUGGEST-AFRICA is a partnership with the geodetic and cartographic institutes of Mozambique (CENACARTA), Angola (IGCA) and Nigeria (OSGoF), the meteorological institutes of Angola (INAMET) and Mozambique (INAM) and the geological survey of Mozambique (INAMI).

The project will upgrade the geodetic and meteorological observational infrastructures, and will provide a platform for the integration of data, products and skills. The emphasis will be on the impacts of sea-level rise on coastal regions, monitoring of severe storms, and earthquake risk assessment. Project SUGGEST-AFRICA benefits from the participation of UBI in the Collaboratory for Geosciences (C4G), a research infrastructure of FCT’s Strategic Roadmap.