C4G is a new associate member of UNAVCO

C4G is a new associate member of UNAVCO

This Tuesday (December 11th, 2018), the Collaboratory for Geosciences (C4G) was announced as a new associate member of UNAVCO. The announcement was made at AGU Fall Meeting, which is being held at Washington, D.C. (USA), and it is considered one of the two most important events that reunite Earth and space scientists from all over the world.

“SediGraph III Plus is a cutting-edge acquisition assuring us, C4G, an excellence status as a research infrastructure of FCT’s Strategic Roadmap”, as states Rui Fernandes, president for the C4G Coordinating Council and Executive Council.

G4C counts on a cutting-edge equipment for particle sizing analysis

The C4G have just acquired a grain-size analyser micromeritics SediGraph. This cutting-edge equipment keeps being the worldwide industry standard for particle size analysis, which size distribution is measured by applying sedimentation. According to Professor Fernando Joaquim Fernandes Tavares Rocha, from Geosciences Department at Aveiro University, SediGraph determines the equivalent spherical Read more…

C4G implementation starts up

On March 26th, 2018, C4G implementation commission had its first meeting to present and discuss the steps for C4G implementation. The meeting was opened by João Fonseca, technical director, who started explaining C4G project including its description and intelligent specialization priorities domains (ENEI). According to Fonseca, C4G implementation services follows Read more…