Susana Custódio elected president for ORFEUS Executive Committee

Assistant Professor in the Department of Geographic Engineering, Geophysics and Energy of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (since 2016), Susana Custódio is the new president of the Executive Committee of ORFEUS, a non-profit foundation to coordinate and promote digital, broadband seismology in the European-Mediterranean area. Defining herself as “an observational seismologist,[…]

Rui Fernandes is re-elected president of the Coordinating Council and Executive Council for C4G

On Wednesday (November 15th), the “C4G Executive Committee and Coordinating Council” meeting took place at Aveiro University Geosciences Department. The objective was to discuss some important questions such as electing the president for Coordinating Council and Executive Council for the Collaboratory for Geosciences (C4G), C4G business model, the importance of interaction between Researches Centers, the[…]

C4G plenary boosting actions for the future

The C4G plenary session, which current phase of financing began on June 15th (2017), occurs this July 11th at Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory of the University of Coimbra. “The main objective is to discuss the present and, more importantly, the guidelines for C4G future”, as Rui Fernandes states. In order to do so, the members[…]